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2019-2020 peony season

Note: minimum retail order is $50.

White Peony 1 White Peony 2
Price: $6 W-1 Price: $8 W-2
Festiva Maxima - white, early, tall cut flower variety.
3-5 eye division.
Solfatare- most fragrant among our peonies. This midseason, medium height peony has yellow central petals prior opening, which later turns to white color. I like French breeder Calot varieties. 3-5 eye division.

White Peony 3 White Peony 4
Price: $6 W-3 Price: Sold out W-4
Duchesse de Nemours - nice fragrance, strong stems keep this variety among most expensive peonies in Dutch cut flower auctions. Belaja Casa - very interesting, white, tall, strong stems. Flower head looks like a mug and can hold a lot of water inside. Midseason. This hot and early season this variety has flowered as a strong late double. Limited quantities. 3-5 eye division.

White Peony 5 White Peony 6
Price: Sold out W-5 Price: Sold out W-6
Antarctida - compact, medium height, strong, fragrant white variety. 3-5 eye division. Jubilejnyj - mild colors, fragrant, midseason peony. Salmon base petals, yellow and light pink central petals with red edges. Looks great. 3-5 eye division.

White Peony 7 White Peony 9
Price: $8 W-7 Price: $8 P-9
Belyj Parus - earliest among white lactifloras here. This variety starts to bloom also with little yellow shade of central petals which later turns to pure white with white crown. Looks attractive. Albert Crousse - double light pink, late. Mild fragrance. Very attractive in bouquet with dark red varieties.

White Peony 8
Price: $8 W-8
Primavere - early, fragrant with strongest yellow pigment. Does not require staking, looks attractive in a vase as well as in borders.

Pink Peony 1 Pink Peony 2
Price:$6 P-1 Price:$6 P-2
Edulis Superba - early flowering, tall, fragrant, dark pink. Cut flower variety. Earliest among double lactifloras here. Mme. Leonie Calot - pink, medium size, fragrant, nice bomb type flower, looks wonderful in vase. 3-5 eye division.

Pink Peony 3 Pink Peony 4
Price: $10 P-3 Price: $6 P-4
Mme. Calot - nice, early, strong, fragrant, medium size pink variety. At the end of the blossom color is silver pink or almost white. Leaves and stems very similar to Festiva Maxima, older plants have huge flowers. 3-5 eye division. La Tulipe - very interesting peony, nice fragrance, unusual stigmas in centre, have best propagating rate among our peonies. Need time of several years to show full beauty on matured bushes.

Pink Peony 5 Pink Peony 6
Price: $6 P-5 Price: $8 P-6
Mons. Jules Elie - pink, high, has very strong stems. Good commercial cut flower variety. Nice foliage. Early midseason. 3-5 eye division. Leto - this is late dark pink variety, originated in former east block countries. Nice late variety, however after heavy rains and winds, they need staking. Also good in vase. Still limited quantities. 3-5 eye division.

Pink Peony 7 Silver Peony 1
Price: $8 P-7 Price: $18 S-1
Nadia - also result of hunting during business trip.
Fine, pretty bunch of colors. Medium height, dark leaves, strong stems. Early Midseason. Fragrant.
3-5 eye division.
Serebro - hybrid from North Caucasus region. This is not a red color with silver edge. Naturally it looks like dark violet with silver edge. Really something interesting. Midseason, medium size, rose type, fragrant. Very limited quantities. 3-5 eye division.

Pink Peony 11 Pink Peony 12
Price: $10 P-11 Price: Sold out P-12
Antwerpen - very large Japanese peony. Carmine pink, late midseason, very attractive in the borders as well as in a vase. At the end of its blooming stage it looks like a full double peony. 3-5 eye division. Rubin - hybrid from north Caucasus region. Late pink with unusual color and very tall stems. Fragrant. Looks great in wedding bouquets. 3-5 eye division.

Silver Peony 2 Silver Peony 3
Price: Sold out S-2 Price: $8 S-3
Solange - fantastic peony originated by Lemoine. You will find white, pink, cream and silver colors. Medium height, late midseason, with special fragrance. Rose type. Limited quantities. 3-5 eye division. Serebrenyi Velvet - nice hybrid from North Caucasus region. Late midseason, fragrant, erect stems, long vase life. Due to our propagating efforts, this season we can offer much lower price. 3-5 eye division.

Silver Peony 4 Red Peony 1
Price: $18 S-4 Price: $8 R-1
Liubimaja - hybrid from Moldavia region. Late, medium size dark to medium pink, with white silver edges. Fragrant. Limited quantities. 3-5 eye division. Red Charm - early double red herbaceous peony.
Every garden needs this early flowering peony - other lactiflora peonies will start blooming more than a week later. 3-5 eye division.

Red Peony 2 Red Peony 3
Price: $6 R-2 Price: $8 R-3
Francoise Ortegat - very strong stems, medium size, nice foliage, double, rose type, fragrant, our favorite red. Early midseason. 3-5 eye division. Mons. Martin Cahuzac - darkest in our field, double, midseason, medium height, low fragrance. Late midseason. 3-5 eye division.

Red Peony 4 Red Peony 5
Price: $8 R-4 Price: Sold out R-5
Big Ben - nice bomb type red variety. Thin silky base petals have nice contrast with strong central petals. Paeonia Tenuifolia Rubra Plena - earliest among double red here. Very nice contrast between unique leaves and dark red blooms keep this variety in high demand.
2-3 eye division.

Pink Peony 6 Pink Peony 7
Price: $10 R-6 Price: $8 R-7
Victoire de la Marne - midseason, medium height, purplish red with lighter edges. Looks good. 3-5 eye division. Paeonia Officionalis Rubra Plena - Memorial Day peony blooms about week later after tenuifolia. Good color. Good foliage. Due to very heavy weight of unique rootstocks we are supplying 2-3 eye divisions.

Red Peony 8 Red Peony 15
Price: $8 R-8 Price: $6 R-15
Kreiser Aurora - nice, productive, late, red Russian cutflower variety with long vase life. One of our favourite red after this season. Blooms after Francoise Ortegat, Mons. Martin Caxuzac. 3-5 eye division. Felix Crousse (1881) - double red, midseason. According to APS - one of the best red varieties.

Red Peony 9 Red Peony 8
Price: $12 R-9 Price: $8 P-8
Seedling Krasnovy - one of the best landscape plants i've ever had. Red, double, but due to very dry season, looks like some of the flowers remain as a semidouble. Very outstanding plant. When I have got this plant it was simply named Krasnovy's seedling. Mrs. Krasnova is famous Russian breeder. Midseason, tall, productive, looks very attractive and you can forget about staking due to errect stems. Limited quantities. 3-5 eye division.
Princess Juliana - late pink variety. Good color, good form. 3-5 eye division.

Red Peony 10 Red Peony 11
Price: Sold out R-10 Price: $8 R-11
Paeonia Tenuifolia - single form prior opening. 2-3 eye division. Pobeda - among latest dark red, medium height. The bush in bloom looks very atractive. Orginator Kupolian. 3-5 eye division.

Red Peony 12 Red Peony 13
Price: Sold out R-12 Price: $8 R-13
Pesnia Vetra - at the end of blossom. Strong attractive single red peony with long blossom time. Sometimes it blooms like semi-double. 3-5 eye division. Karl Rosenfield - high, strong, double red variety. Midseason. 3-5 eye division.

Red Peony 14 Violet Peony 3
Price: Sold out R-14 Price: $8 V-3
Vostok - very early dark violet herbaceous hybryd with specific leaves. Attention cutflower growers: this variety blooms about week earlier than red charm. 3-5 eye division. Nezhnyj - beautiful multicolor peony with light violet base petals, that same violet corona, surounded by white central petails. 3-5 eye division.

Violet Peony 1 Violet Peony 2
Price: $8 V-1 Price: $8 V-2
Sorbet - nice hybrid with very mild colors, light violet base petals, pure white central petals. Due to very dry season this variety did not show it's true beauty this year. Usually this variety have a crown of the same color as base petals. Midseason, one of the highest and most fragrant in our field. 3-5 eye division.
Voskhod - nice red variety from south Russia with violet-white central petals. At the end of the blossom red color is changing to violet. Medium height, midseason, nice green foliage. 3-5 eyes division.

Tree Peony 1 Tree Peony 2
Price: Sold out T-1 Price: $35 T-2
P. Suffruticosa spp Rockii. Tree peony. Red, fragrant, height in maturity 4-8 ft, flower size 6-10 inches. We offer 2-4 branches division of 5-7 years old plants. P. Suffruticosa spp Rockii. Tree peony. Pink, fragrant, height in maturity 4-8 ft, flower size 6-10 inches. We offer 2-4 branches division of 5-7 years old plants.

Tree Peony 3 Tree Peony 4
Price: $35 T-3 Price: Sold out T-4
P. Suffruticosa spp.Rockii. Tree peony. White, fragrant, height in maturity 4-8ft, flower size 6-10 inches. We offer 2-4 branches division of 5-7 years old plants.
Tree peony. Collection of three colors.

Pink Peony 10 Tree Peony 5
Price: $8 P-10 Price: $15 T-5
Sara Bernhardt (Lemoine, 1906) - Double, pink, late. Very large. Floriferous, strong stems. This peony will never dissapoint any gardener. One of our favorites. Paeonia Rockii This season we are offering high quality, strong, 2-3 year old tree peony (paeonia rockii) free pollination seedlings. An opportunity to have your own unique tree peony - pink, red or white.

Peony Hepatica Siberian Iris
Price: $7 H-1 Price: 3 division - $6 SI-1
Hepatica Nobilis Rubra Plena - Nice very early red flowers will decorate your landscape. Mass planting is creating wonderful red carpet in early spring. We are growing these in shade, semi shade and full sun without problems. Really good, hardy grower. Ht 15cm, Flowering in March, April here adequately zone 3 in USA. 2-3 eye division. Contact for best wholesale price. Available II-V , VIII-XI Caesar's Brother - nice siberian iris. Good landscape plant.